Exploring Space
Level Information
Creator Sumsar
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 17042469
Song Exploring Space
Composer MafiaPineapple

Exploring Space is a Demon level by Sumsar. It's generally considered a Hard or Very Hard Demon among the community.


This is Sumsar's first 2.0 Featured Demon level, mostly known for the different use of unique mechanics and the tricky gameplay in the second half of the level.


The level begins with a normal speed cube mode, where the player goes through platforms that emerge or sink into the ground, as well as some orbs and invisible saws moving in or out of the way, this section requires some memorization to learn the correct path without falling into the traps.

The next section is a fast speed ship part where the slopes with spikes move up and down, as well as having dark pink saws moving towards you, this part require precise flying to go through the slopes and the saws. Then it comes a ball part with the same speed, and having the same setup as the first cube, where platforms emerge from the thorns, and having some orbs moving in your way, but with the inclusion of monsters popping out as a trap and try to trick you, this section requires memorization to learn the correct path as well.

Following that, it begins a wave section with slopes as well, but sharper and closing to each other; while a Monster is following your path, and fires a laser-beam twice, this section requires the player to tap very fast, because it has to go through some tight gaps. Later comes a fast robot part with a platform that moves at the speed of the player; through and obstacle course, some obstacles need precise jump height to go through the obstacles and others require a small jump height, keep an eye that when a warning comes (an exclamation point "!") a monster will rise from the bottom and try to eat you.

Next, comes a neon UFO part with square obstacles moving up and down, as well as the thorns from top to bottom closing in on you at a certain point of the music, this part requires the player to tap at the right time and memorize correctly to avoid crashing into the square hazards or the moving thorns. Then comes a normal speed cube part when the song is building up. The player must tap at the right orbs at the right time as well as follow the correct path. Then, the cube goes through gravity and teleport portals, before the name of the level appears and an option to enable "low detail mode" for the second half of the level.

The second half of the level begins with a very fast wave, where it includes two mechanics: the grid of the wave gamemode will vertically shift (giving a surprise to the player because the camera shifting) and a section of the wave where it moves faster than the player's speed for a few seconds, giving a effect of going in reverse, this specific section requires very fast tapping & some precision because of the mechanics inside this part.

After that, a teleport portal leads to a ship section with another unique mechanic: a monster is approaching you from behind, and you have "fireballs" in your path so you can touch them, fire them at the monster and make it back away for a bit, but keeping in mind that the part has also the spiked slope structures that move up and down, where the player must go through with precise flying, as well as collecting a minimum of 4 "fireballs" to survive the whole ship section, having less than 4 will make the monster be close enough to kill you. Later it proceeds into another wave section with the same grid shifting mechanic, but instead includes that the path moves down very fast and a dual wave section.

Almost at the end, it comes a tricky ufo part with the same monster mechanic, including the path with the moving structure and some saws. The task of collecting a minimum of 4 "Fireballs" is harder because of different gamemode as well as being located on some tricky spots. In this area, the player must time it's jumps at the right time, managing to collect most of the fireballs and getting through the section.  Later it comes a mini wave where the player requires very fast tapping, because the top & bottom sides are covered with moving black spikes.

The last part is a fast robot part where the player requires to time its jumps and having some precision of its jumps as well, since one slight error may result into a crash. Managing to finish the level, the player will be greeted with "By Sumsar" (Who made the level) and two falling Gs (making a "GG") at the end.


  • This is Sumsar's 4th demon level Overall.
  • The first version of the level didn't had a key to get the second coin and the two Gs at the end.
  • Turning the "Low detail mode" on will simply remove some background decoration in the second half of the level.
  • There are some instances where the transition between Wave to Ship & the Wave to Ufo parts in the second half of the level, the player's grid will shift instantly and some instances the effect takes some few seconds (the later one may give some trouble to act quickly).


Geometry Dash - HARD DEMON Exploring Space By Sumsar ME (3 Coins!)01:35

Geometry Dash - HARD DEMON Exploring Space By Sumsar ME (3 Coins!)

Credits to Sumsar.

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