Extreme Chaos
Extreme Chaos
Level Information
Creator Nether
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 2000451
Song Can't Let Go
Composer DJVi

Extreme Chaos is a Hard Demon level created by Nether. It is mostly known for tight spaces, heavy memory, hard timings, and unintuitive gameplay. It is generally considered Very Hard Demon.


The level starts with a cube section with a few tricky timings but it is mostly memorization. Following this, there is a similar ball part. This is followed by a rather tricky dual mini cube segment. Then, there is an auto dual ship followed by a very difficult ball/UFO mixed dual. Next, there is a relatively easy ship sequence, followed by a long cube section that starts off easy and then later gets very difficult with hard timings and lots of insane memorization. It will pass through a dual portal as well as some mirror portals. This cube part can be compared to Doomsday II in terms of difficulty. Eventually, there is a moderately difficult ship sequence squenched with some tricky invisible portals and moderately tight spaces. Afterwards, there is a short ball segment with a little memorization, followed by a cube section with insane memorization and a few crucial timings. Afterwards, there is a dual cube part that is fairly easy. Then, an auto ship sequence leads into a rather difficult dual ship part, with the last stretch bearing resemblance to Hexagon Force. Then, there is a very tight ship sequence, followed by a mini cube segment with some tricks. There will be a series of mirror portals with a hidden blue jump orb. The player must tap that jump orb, and then spam click with the UFO portal it leads to in order to avoid crashing at a very frustrating 98%. Then, the level ends.


  • This level has an abundance of bugs in it, and some think he hacked this level to verify it, no one knows for sure.
  • The part at 14% may seem impossible but actually isn't, due to a near impossible to see jump orb.


By Nether -DEMON-

By Nether -DEMON-

Credits to RyooN.