Country Rome, Italy (Resides in USA)
Age 13
Levels 20+
Other Info
Crew CR
Position Founder
YouTube Channel None

TrueXenoth (Formerly known as FirewallFB) is an unknown and highly skilled Italian player who has beaten 60 demons. His hardest demons include The Big Black, Cataclysm, Jawbreaker, Nine Circles, Sweet Dreams, Theory of Skrillex, Fairydust, Butterfly Effect, and Catastrophic. He has played since September 3, 2013. He is also extremely active on Geometry Dash Fan Wikia and is known as TOMAETO. Sometimes he gets pissed, then he adds random stuff on the wiki.


  • Warpshift
  • Shadow Circles
  • Warpshift XII
  • In A Cave
  • Wave Star
  • DeCodeX Auto
  • The Final Stage Auto
  • Bloodbath Auto
  • Poison Circles (Upcoming)
  • GigaSonic (Upcoming)
  • Astro (Upcoming)
  • Return Preview
  • Extreme Challenge
  • Parti (Collab with Torrential)
  • Extreme Challenge 2
  • 3X Wave Mastery
  • Time Destiny Rebirth (Upcoming)
  • Mega Drive (Upcoming)
  • xKore (Upcoming)
  • Tyrannic Circles (Upcoming)

Deleted Levels

  • Warpshift (NOTE: This is the old version from 1.9 that was originally gonna be as hard as Cataclysm, but was nerfed tremendously.)
  • Timed Destiny (Re-uploaded on FaZedCoRe's profile)
  • Legends V2


  • He loves the Nine Circles trend.
  • He currently is making 2 mega-collaborations: Astro and GigaSonic.
  • His name is (FB)FaZed on Steam.
  • He used to have a Youtube channel, but he later quit and decided to just play instead of make videos.
  • He is currently making an auto level called Initial D.
  • He once had 200 stars for over a year before completing 10 map packs.
  • He loves the glow effect.
  • His favorite creators are: Etzer, Vermillion, Knobbelboy, Pennutoh, FunnyGame, Giron David, and Weoweoteo.
  • His profile picture is a picture of Sheen Estevez from the animated cartoon "Jimmy Neutron".
  • He is one of the oldest players of Geometry Dash.
  • He has very skilled straight flying skills, despite the fact that he's playing on 60hz.
  • He also plays other games like osu!, Sonic Adventure 2, Overwatch, Terraria, Epic Battle Fantasy 3, and Roblox.
  • His hardest demon is Dark Rainbow Rebirth by Knobbelboy. The level took him 9K+ attempts.
  • He changed his name due to FirewallFB sounding retarded.
  • He is the owner of a clan named Crystal Riders (Formerly Freebies)
  • His favorite fruit is a tomato.
  • His real name is Anthony Aurora.

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