Country Rome, Italy (Resides in USA)
Age 13
Levels idk
Other Info
Crew Freebies
Position Founder
YouTube Channel Unknown

FaZed (FirewallFB in-game, AKA FaZedZiNc) is an unknown and fairly skilled Italian player and a creator in Geometry Dash who has played since Update 1.0. He has over 1K stars and beaten 26 demons. He is the owner of a crew called "Freebies" in which everyone can join.


  • Warpshift
  • Shadow Circles
  • Warpshift XII
  • In A Cave
  • Wave Star
  • DeCodeX Auto
  • The Final Stage Auto
  • Bloodbath Auto
  • Poison Circles (Upcoming)
  • GigaSonic (Upcoming)
  • Astro (Upcoming)
  • Return Preview
  • Extreme Challenge
  • Parti (Collab with Torrential)
  • Extreme Challenge 2
  • 3X Wave Mastery
  • Time Destiny Rebirth (Upcoming)

Deleted Levels

  • Warpshift (NOTE: This is the old version from 1.9 that was originally gonna be as hard as Cataclysm, but was nerfed tremendously.)
  • Timed Destiny
  • Legends V2


  • He loves the Nine Circles trend.
  • He currently is making 2 mega-collaborations: Astro and GigaSonic.
  • His name is (FB)FaZed on Steam.
  • He used to have a Youtube channel, but he later quit and decided to just play instead of make videos.
  • He is currently making an auto level called Initial D.
  • He once had 200 stars for over a year before completing 10 map packs.
  • He loves the glow effect.
  • His favorite creators are: Etzer, Vermillion, Knobbelboy, Pennutoh, FunnyGame, Giron David, and Weoweoteo.
  • His profile picture is a picture of Sheen Estevez from the animated cartoon "Jimmy Neutron".
  • He is one of the oldest players of Geometry Dash.
  • He has very skilled straight flying skills, despite the fact that he's playing on 60hz.
  • He also plays other games like osu!, Sonic Adventure 2, Overwatch, Terraria, Epic Battle Fantasy 3, and Roblox.
  • His hardest demon is The Big Black by alexANDgame. The level took him 7K+ attempts.

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