Fantasy Park
20161029 222751
Level Information
Creator TRM99
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 25561191
Song Ultimate Destruction
Composer TMM43

Fantasy Park is an unrated harder-worthy level created by TRM99. It features three bronze user coins.


The level starts with a red industrial themed cube segment with a bit tricky timing, which becomes robot later. The player may be easily thrown off by some timing bugs on the jump orbs. After that, a violet sequence appears, with a fairly easy ship sequence and a UFO segment, with some gravity portals here and there. The last sequence before the drop is a quite easy ball with some fairly tricky orbs and pads. Here, the first coin can be located.

When the drop beats, an orange themed cube appears, with slopes and clusters of orbs, which make it fairly hard. Here places the second coin. The difficulty seems to grow up in the next dual cube (orange Deadlocked-like design) because is asymmetrical and mirrored, but the player only needs to tap all the jump orbs and jump always, except for a case. It returns single, with few timing jumps. The theme changes in the next somehow difficult wave (bi-color core design), which becomes after mini-mirrored and finally dual. The third and final coin is located here. Few taps in a dual ball segment and an auto cube segment end the level.


  • The word at the end says "Hard", relatively to the difficulty which was supposed to be 5 stars, but later revalued to 6 stars when the level has been submitted.

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