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Level Information
Creator KaotikJumper
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 10382120
Song Fear Me (NGADm entry)
Composer NIGHTkilla

Fearless is a ridiculously difficult level by KaotikJumper, the creator of many impossible levels. Despite this, the level was rated Hard 5 stars, but subsequently was changed to Insane 0 stars. People used to define this level a Hard demon, Later was buffed to easy-medium demon, and finally to a more or less "harder" level, but it never regained the stars.

Description (original level) Edit

This level was made in late 1.9 and updated with a 2.0 design. This level presents an irregular difficulty, having parts with actually the difficulty of a 5-stars-level, but other parts with an extreme difficulty comparable to an insane demon due to extremely tight spaces. The color scheme is purple-green-red-purple-green and the song starts about when it finishes in Fear Me.

Gameplay (original level) Edit

The level starts with a fairly simple cube with a couple of tricks, that requires some simple jumps. Then the cube involves in an insanely difficult ball with extremely crucial timing, spikes everywhere and invisible rings. The ball becomes a partly auto cube with few simple jumps, except for the last that needs crucial timing. The next part is a really difficult ship sequence with very, very tight spaces (width of a single block) between rows of spikes. This part needs a precise and straight flying. The next part is a wave with a ridiculous difficulty. Moving slopes with spikes appears, crushing the useful space. That part requires the same mashing of Acropolis. The drop starts and the wave involves in an easier, still hard ball segment, with clusters of gravity jump rings that needs good mashing, too. The speed becomes triple and the wave involves in a partly auto cube with few jumps. The cube becomes dual in double speed; this part requires memorisation to avoid the traps. After that appears a dual ship, that is significantly easier. The level ends in wave mode, increasing significantly the difficulty, again. Lots of spikes and invisible size portals appears, making very very difficult this part, that needs massive mashing. The wave returns single and must cross a corridor as tight as the DeCode one, but now is much much harder due to the triple speed. The wave goes in half speed and the mark of the creator appears, creating an extremely tight narrow upside, with threatening spikes that reduce the space to the width of a single block. After the written "RobTop <3" and a short narrow, the level ends.

Walkthough Edit

Fearless by KaotikJumper Geometry Dash-2

Fearless by KaotikJumper Geometry Dash-2.0-

Credits to AIGDmaster