Country Poland
Age 18
Levels 0 (4 on alternate account (0 starred))
Other Info
Crew Team Inspire
Position Founder
YouTube Channel Chris Productions

FenixGFX is a Polish Geometry Dash player and creator. She is extremely underrated and has little to no popularity. Currently, Fenix has 7900 stars, 145 secret coins, 463 user coins, and 397 demons, making her rank 753 on the global leaderboard. She runs a Geometry Dash team, called Team Inspire.

Created Levels

  • Green World - A collaboration between members of the Geometry Dash Wiki. This was, however, uploaded on Sweg Dragon (LVgaming)'s account.
  • Cycles Remake - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Cycles. Completely new design and some different gameplay
  • Cant Let Go Remake - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Cant Let Go. Features some new design and different gameplay.

Upcoming Levels

  • Bounce Time - A megacollab featuring the talent of Team Inspire.
  • Errat - A solo level featuring some basic decoration and moderately difficult gameplay. This project is wholly independent.
  • Sound of Infinity - Yet another collaboration featuring the talent of the Geometry Dash Wiki, though this time being run by Psychomaniac14.
  • Vindictus - Once again, another collaboration featuring the Geometry Dash Wiki. The collab is being run by SwagMaster GD.
  • Polargeist Remake - Another remake of a Geometry Dash official level, this time on Polargeist.
  • Base After Base RM - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Base After Base.
  • Stereo Madness Remake - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Stereo Madness.


  • Fenix has an alternate account, AbstractHorizon.
    • This is because her main account's name wasn't to her liking, but she did not know how to change the name.
  • She has also beaten various insane demons, such as Landect, Rearmed, Cataclysm, A Bizarre Phantasm, and Forsaken Neon.
    • She admitted to hacking Cataclysm and A Bizarre Phantasm on June 12, 2016.
    • The other levels that were mentioned were completed legit.


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