Level Information
Creator Glittershroom
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 6892453
Song Figures
Composer Rukkus (aka Nightkilla)

Figures is a Nine Circles level by Glittershroom.


Figures is a Nine Circles level with a pink theme, but leans to a darker hue, unlike Fractured Circles, which is much brighter. Unlike the majority of Nine Circles levels, it starts off with a ship, a trait only shared with Supernova by Motu. It is generally regarded as an easy demon, but can become really annoying if the player doesn't have enough mashing ability.


The player starts as a ship, unlike most Nine Circles levels. It contains gravity portals, jump rings and size changes, with spikes everywhere, making it extremely annoying. After a short but hard narrow, the player transforms into a ball. This part is moderately easy, with a few tricks here and there but nothing too extreme. Then, the player transforms into a cube, the easiest part of the level. The player turns into the wave, and starts off as an inconspicuous double speed wave. Then the beat drops and the player becomes a mini triple speed wave, with very annoying timings, tight spaces, and a lot of mashing. The player then turns into a dual wave, which is probably the easiest segment of the whole wave. The next segment of the normal size wave looks easy, but getting spot on timing with it is extremely hard and annoying. The player goes back into a mini wave, this time upside down, and more like the beginning section, altered, in reverse. The last segment, a ship, has gravity portals, size changes, and straight flying at the end, an extremely troll ending to a level of moderate difficulty. When the player exits the last straight fly segment, the level ends.


In 91% and 92% the player can go under like Riot did.


  • Figures is considered very easy by many skilled players, but the first ship can easily throw off a less experienced player. So the level is considered an easy/medium demon.
  • The level's song has actually been used three times in rated Nine Circles levels. The others levels are Silhouette by Havok (wood green circles, a lot harder, and uses the second drop) and Figurative by Lpianoman (purple like Fairydust, demon but lesser known).
  • Figures is one of three demon Nine Circles level to start off as a ship, the others level being Supernova by Motu and Ultimate Circles by Suomi. There is also 'For The Taking' by DylChill616, however it is rated insane 8 stars.
  • Although it is classified long in terms of length, the level is actually medium (50 seconds). It's the shortest rated Nine Circles level ever.
  • A strange coincidence is that each Nine Circles level with the song "Figures" isn't copyable.
  • This level was used to be rated Insane 9 stars.
  • This level and Jawbreaker are the only NC levels without the creator's mark and the written "GG/GJ". They also finish before the end of the drop.


NINE CIRCLES ROSA! Geometry Dash -1

NINE CIRCLES ROSA! Geometry Dash -1.9- (Demon) - Figures by Glittershroom

Credit to GuitarHeroStyles.