Final Theory
Final Theory Thumbnail
Level Information
Creator SRY4U & JXPRLZ
Difficulty TBA (hopefully Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (hopefully 10*)
Level ID TBA
Song Theory of Everything IV (fan made)
Composer Domyeah

Final Theory is an upcoming level currently being built by SRY4U and JXPRLZ. This level is now set to be hopefully harder than Cataclysm and will feature over 20,000 objects. It will feature 3 user coins, which haven't been added yet.


Final Theory AV - W.I01:01

Final Theory AV - W.I.P

Credit to JXPRLZ


  • The level is currently in decoration stage.
  • The user coins will be added just before verification.
  • SRY4U is currently looking for verifiers.
  • Psychomaniac14 is possibly going to be verifying.
  • The level may be buffed and lengthened.

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