1st Level
Level Information
Creator Storm
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 128
Song Base After Base
Composer DJVI

First Level is a level by Storm. As its name suggest, it is the first user-created level ever created in Geometry Dash along with Spike Spike which was created by the game's main creator, RobTopGames.


This level was made in 1.0 so it just has some basic gameplay. Basic blocks and jump pads are used with many pauses in between, so it's quite easy to beat.

The level requires only a few jumps.


  • Although this level is extremely easy, it's been averagely rated hard (the rating of easy levels before getting starred).
  • Coincidentally both Spike Spike and First Level are the first custom levels in-game and uses Base After Base as its song.


First Level01:36

First Level

Credit to CoolDiamonds2468 for the video.

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