Flat Major
Screenshot 2017-01-10-13-31-02
Level Information
Creator EndLevel, Temporum, Metalface221 and Visionary
Difficulty Insane Insane (Temporum)

Insane Demon Insane Demon (EndLevel)

Stars 0Star (Temporum)

10Star (EndLevel)

Level ID 27151626 (Temporum)

26441161 (EndLevel)

Song ill Sharp Minor
Composer Rukkus

Flat Major is a 2.0 Nine Circles level created by Temporum. It is considered to be one of the hardest possible Nine Circles levels ever made. The first version of the level was redecorated by Metalface221 with a style that resembles Sonic Wave Infinity and now is rated demon.


Flat Major is considered an insane demon by most people. Temporum began building the level at the beginning of 2016, and released many previews. An unfinished version of the level was verified by EndLevel in November 2016, and the final version of the level was uploaded as Temporum's last ever level on the 12th of December 2016.

The level is slow and quite easy at the beginning, but after the ball part, the level begins to speed up. Since the drop of the song is very intense, Temporum decided that he would go along with it and make a very intense wave part. It involves almost perfect sync and weird movements. The difficulty is rather unbalanced, however, and the wave parts are considerably a lot harder than the non-wave parts. Temporum did this on purpose to make people feel confident about the level at first, but to crush that confidence at the wave segments.


  • A few people have completed the unfinished version, such as ToshDeluxe. Cyclic also tried it on stream at one point.
  • The unfinished version is the most popular version of the level; it is now rated and featured.
  • It took Temporum around 200 attempts to complete the unfinished version, and 800 attempts to complete the extended version.


  • EndLevel crashed at 77% many times in the unfinished version due to bugs.
  • Temporum crashed at 93% 4 times on the unfinished version.