Flight Simulator
Level Information
Creator Boffis123
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3Star
Level ID 12175640
Song Xenogenesis
Composer TheFatRat

Flight simulator is a level made by Boffis123. In the level you get to choose between 5 different real life airplanes and fly from one airport to another.


  • The coins in this level all appear at the end of the level. You do, however, need to do some quests during your flight  to get them:
  • To get the first coin fly at altitude 30 until you get to 23% and sees a message saying "Hold up! Terrains ahead!" Then climb up to 40 to avoid crashing into a Qatar Airways A330-200.
  • To get the second coin you need to land at an airport in the night section located at 51%.
  • You will get the final coin at 74%. Fly next to a Douglas Dc-3 flying between altitude 5 and 10.


  • The level let you choose between 5 diffrent airplanes from the real life, Scandinavian airlines Boeing 737-600, British airways Boeing 747-400, Delta airlines Airbus A310-200, Emirates Airbus A380-800 and KLM royal dutch airlines McDonnel Douglas MD-11.
  • There are 5 more real life planes seen in this level, being Qatar Airways Airbus A330-200, Ryanair Boeing 737-300, Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300, Air France Concorde and a Douglas DC-3.
  • After Boffis123 uploaded the level, players started to ask him to make more flight simulator levels.
  • 3 more flight simulator levels has been made, Flight simulator 2 (You get to choose between 9 airplanes such as Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-200) Flight simulator 3 (With older airplanes such as TWA lokheed constellation) and space simulator (which takes place in space).
  • Players can sometimes fly through the mountains and buildings without dying.
  • The landing is the part where many players seem to fail.
  • Around 24% there are two twin buildings that many peoples refer to the World Trade Center, however they are more likely to be the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.
  • This is one of the only two starred levels by Boffis123, the other one being Haunted Land with 5 stars. None of the 3 levels are featured.

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