Flight Simulator
Level Information
Creator Boffis123
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3Star
Level ID 12175640
Song Xenogenesis
Composer TheFatRat

Flight Simulator is a 2.0 Normal 3* level created by Boffis123. In the level you get to choose between five different real life airplanes and fly from one airport to another. In the level you have to avoid crashing into other airplanes as well as buildings and mountains. In the middle of the level, there is a night section.

Boffis123 released a huge update to the level on July 4th, 2017 with better graphics on buildings, clouds, water and the sky, more airplanes at the airports, the airplanes rotating during takeoff and landing and if you crash the plane will become a burning wreckage.

User CoinsEdit

  • The coins in this level all appear at the end of the level. You do, however, need to do some quests during your flight to obtain them:
  • To get the first coin fly at altitude 30 until you get to 23% and sees a message saying "Hold up! Terrains ahead!" Then climb up to 40 to avoid crashing into a Qatar Airways A330-200.
  • To get the second coin you need to land at an airport in the night section located at 51%.
  • You will get the final coin at 74%. Fly next to a Douglas Dc-3 flying between altitude 5 and 10.


  • The level let you choose between 5 different airplanes from the real life Scandinavian airlines Boeing 737-600, British airways Boeing 747-400, Delta airlines Airbus A310-200, Emirates Airbus A380-800 and KLM royal dutch airlines McDonnel Douglas MD-11.
  • There are 5 more real life planes seen in this level, being Qatar Airways Airbus A330-200, Ryanair Boeing 737-300, Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300, Air France Concorde and a Douglas DC-3.
  • After Boffis123 uploaded the level, players started to ask him to make more flight simulator levels.
  • 3 more flight simulator levels has been made, Flight Simulator 2 (You get to choose between 9 airplanes such as Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-200) Flight Simulator 3 (With older airplanes such as TWA Lockheed constellation) and Space Simulator (which takes place in space).
  • Players can sometimes fly through the mountains and buildings without dying.
  • The landing is the part where many players seem to fail.
  • Around 24% there are two twin buildings that many peoples refer to the World Trade Center. However, they are more likely to be the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.
  • This is one of the only two starred levels by Boffis123, the other one being Haunted Land with 5 stars. None of the 3 levels are featured.