For The Taking
20160527 002944
Level Information
Creator DylChill616
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 8Star
Level ID 9315108
Song For The Taking
Composer NightKilla/Rukkus

For The Taking is an Nine Circles remake by DylChill616. It follows a purple color scheme, and is known for having a short wave segment.


The level starts with a ship sequence with a relatively noticeable fake. Then there is a relatively straightforward ball segment. This is followed by a cube part with a single triple spike jump leading into the drop and the infamous Nine Circles effect. The wave part is rather short, and takes the player through several size and gravity portals, as well as a few speed portals and a tricky dual mini wave. Then, there is a long rather tight ship part. In the middle, it shows the text "Thank You!" However, this text is solid and can kill the player if he/she crashes into it. Then, there is a cube part with several triple spike jumps that later ends the level, which shows the creator's name.


  • The dual portal can actually be skipped with good wave skill.
  • This level has one of the shortest wave parts of any star rated nine circles level, only taking up 30% of the level.
  • It is also one of the shortest Nine Circles levels, lasting only 50 seconds.
  • The level is also one of the few star rated Nine Circles levels to begin as the ship game-mode, along with Figures, Ultimate Circles and SuperNova.
  • The creator himself requested 10 stars for this level, but he received just 8 stars because the level was too easy and short.
  • An update changed the song from the first drop to the second drop.


Geometry Dash - For The Taking by DylChill616 Easy Demon? (unrated)00:54

Geometry Dash - For The Taking by DylChill616 Easy Demon? (unrated)

For The Taking by DylChill616 (8*)01:02

For The Taking by DylChill616 (8*)

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