Forsaken Neon
Forsaken Neon
Level Information
Creator Zobros and TriAxis
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 6300721
Song Forsaken Neon
Composer Dimrain47

Forsaken Neon is a moderately difficult demon by Zobros and TriAxis. It was verified by Zobros.


This level is normally considered a medium or hard demon. It is somewhat easier than the majority of demons by Zobros, especially Acropolis and 8o.


The level starts in a fairly simple but somewhat tricky cube segment with a lot of jump rings that a player can easily confuse, but can be overcome with a little practice. Next, the player enters a fairly easy ball segment, but the player must still be careful to avoid accidentally hitting any spikes hidden in the area. Then, the player transitions to a fairly easy half speed wave segment, which goes into a moderately difficult half speed ship that tests the player's straight fly capability. The ship turns into another easy cube with a few jumps, then goes into a simple UFO segment with some relatively easy timings. Afterwards, the player enters a mini anti-gravity ship sequence, but quickly returns to a UFO segment before entering a wave segment. This wave may look difficult, but good mashing skills and timing can make the wave extremely easy and barely challenging at all. After this wave, a fairly simple cube section will follow up, with another easy UFO section that is not very difficult to time. After this UFO, a ship with rapid speed changes like the wave appears. Just like the wave, it is easy if you have good timing, but there are a few tricky spots that make this ship harder than the wave. After this ship, the next cube is significantly harder than all the other cube sections, with tricky jumps and some seemingly invisible pink jump rings that can confuse the player. The following wave section is very maze-like and blends in with the background, making it hard for players to tell where he/she is going in the huge mess of objects. Then, the player enters a moderately difficult segment with very precise timing. Here, holding is needed for some jumps in order not to hit one of the many sawblades in the area or a spike. The last ship is the hardest section of the level, being triple speed with gravity portals to try and easily throw off the player. Near the end of the level, the ship briefly goes regular speed and the names "Tri" and "Zobros" pop up, from which the last short ship section is entered through a spiked one block section as triple speed and the level ends with a second spiked one block section.


  • SoulsTRK crashed at 98%.
  • ToshDeluxe crashed at 97%.
  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at the second last ship 2 times (84% and 86%).
  • Water crashed at 89%.
  • Smokeye crashed at 96% and 97%.
  • RocktagonGD crashed at 98% 2 times.
  • StarXD died at 97% and 98% a few times.
  • GMDBuddy crashed at 98%.
  • MrSpud8 crashed at 97% on mobile without recording (recording without an internal recorder on mobile is a hassle).


  • This level is usually considered to be Zobros' easiest demon, although some players might actually consider Nine Circles to be easier.
  • This is Zobros' only collaboration to be done with TriAxis.


Geometry Dash - Forsaken Neon -DEMON- - By- Zobros (On Stream)02:19

Geometry Dash - Forsaken Neon -DEMON- - By- Zobros (On Stream)

Credits to Riot. This video shows full game-play of the level. Note this video came out before the coin update.

Geometry Dash - Forsaken Neon Coin Update!01:29

Geometry Dash - Forsaken Neon Coin Update!

The coin update, with credit to Zobros.

User Coins

This level contains 3 bronze user coins:

  • The first coin is located in the second wave segment between the first and second pillar at the bottom.
  • The second coin is arguably the hardest to get. The player has to time his/her jumps while in the last cube segment. The player has to precisely get the coin, but he/she will still have to use the yellow jump ring above it to continue on, or else he/she will crash at the bottom of the obstacles.
  • The third coin is much easier than the first and second ones. At the last ship sequence, below where "Tri" and "Zobros" pop up, go slightly underneath to the bottom right to successfully claim the coin.

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