Crystal Riders
Leader FaZed
Number of Members 23
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Date of Foundation 2017
YouTube Channel Unknown
Crystal Riders (Formerly Freebies) is an unknown clan created by FaZed. There are a few members in it. If you are his friend, you are automatically in the clan.


To enter, you must friend TrueXenoth (Formerly FirewallFB) on Geometry Dash.

In the future, we will do:

  • Mega-collabs
  • Beat Levels

And More!

We accept any members with the following:

  • Star requirement: 10
  • Coin requirement: 0
  • User Coin requirement: 0
  • Skill requirement: 20
  • Everything else: 0

To become a admin you must have the following:

  • Star requirement: 500
  • Coin requirement: 30
  • User Coin requirement: 60
  • Skill requirement: 350-500 (Enough to beat xStep or Cycles)
  • Demon requirement: 3

An alternative way to become an Admin is if Zinc7Waste or GD Blaze become friends with you.

To become a Co-Leader you must have the following:

Star Requirement: 1000

Coin requirement: 70

User Coin requirement: 225

Skill Requirement 550+

Demon Requirement: 20


  • FaZed: Leader & Discord Manager
  • Zinc7Waste: Moderator
  • GD Blaze: Co-Leader
  • SpaZar: Admin
  • MilkCartonYT: Moderator
  • Torrential: Super Player
  • DiamondSapphire: Talented and Resourceful
  • Lautimega
  • Dragon0777
  • ToxicEmotion
  • ClonkAndre
  • TheRealRhisis
  • Zealekt
  • Anthony0806
  • Happyninjasword
  • CubeNumber27
  • evanbosspro
  • Harvst3r
  • Nexon
  • PizzaMaster85
  • Refireable
  • SuperFrancisky
  • TheRealAtomic
  • TheSwagParty
  • XxMarioFanxX
  • xXShadowXx
  • Pyroid
  • iReversinq GD
  • Bananadasher58
  • DiamondSapphire
  • AetherStrike

Official Discord:

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