Full Deadlocked
Level Information
Creator FinalBosstommy9
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 22147643
Song Deadlocked (Full)
Composer F-777

Full Deadlocked is a notoriously difficult level created by FinalBosstommy9 in 2.0. The level is considered a hard or very hard demon due to its difficult mixed dual segment, confusing ship sequence, and memory sections.


This is one of FinalBosstommy9's harder levels and is considered to be one challenging level because of it's confusing cube and ship mode, mixed dual segment, etc.


The level starts a fairly hard cube section that turns into a brief mini wave mode, this transitions of game mode repeats three times until the ship mode. As the player can notice a slowly moving 'custom' background while in the level.

The next game mode is a very hard ship mode which is confusing due to the huge abundance of moving and rotating/spinning "cubes" like hazards in the sequence. There are also gravity and teleportation portals that accompanies the player.The game mode will turn into a ball mode, which is fairly hard too, due to the amount to sudden moving platforms and invisible spikes. The game mode will turn into a ship mode again, this time. The cubes are now moving in 360 degrees, rather than in a random pattern. The player's speed will change into a slow, as he/she is gonna be surrounded by a slowly moving platform of spikes.

The next game mode will become a simple cube segment, which can be easily cleared with simple precise timings. Then, the next is a very hard and confusing robot/cube mixed dual. There are green gravity portals when clicked will move to disable gravity. This mixed dual requires extremely precise timing as the player can control the robot's jump height. The next dual mode is a moderately hard dual ball segment that can be easily cleared with just a few simple timings.

The player then enters a hard normal speed cube segment. Here, the player can be easily confused with the unnoticed hidden jump rings, and change of jump rings by swapping them. The player will meet a teleportation portal that leads him/her into a briefly simple mini cube mode. Then, back into the confusing part. The supposed "water" platform will move down to accompany the player. Then, the player enters a relatively hard robot section. The jump rings are now moving altogether to confuse the player as well as the moving platforms.

The player then enters a somewhat very hard ship sequence, which significantly differs to the ship sequence of the original Deadlocked. After the player meets the first teleportation portal in that ship sequence, the supposed "boss" will appear. The player will meet two routes a few times in this ship sequence. However, one of them leads into a dead end as the boss will fire lasers into the player. There are also saw-blades and monsters that are needed to be avoided. If not, they will likely kill the player. Next, the player enters a cube segment, similar to the previous cube modes, but this one requires memory. The player will turn into a dual mode, as the words "Ready?" will appear while the screen fades into black.

The next part is the hardest part in the entire level, which is a extremely hard mixed dual of different forms. Also, there is the final boss, which is different from the first one, the boss is now going to crush the player with its "spike" cube. The first dual is a cube mode that requires somewhat crucial timing, The next is a mixed dual of robot and ship, which is fairly related to Ditched Machine. Next, there is a cube/robot mixed dual, fairly similar to the first mixed dual segment. Then, there is a mini wave/robot mixed dual, which is very hard as the player requires to control both the wave and the robot while avoiding hazards at the same time. Then, the player enters a UFO/robot mixed dual, which is fairly hard as well, then a ball/robot mixed dual. The final dual is a ship mode. Here, the player must go up or else he/she will crash as the "boss" will fire its last projectile at the player, a ridiculously large laser beam. Afterwards, the screen fades to white.The last part is a simple ship sequence. Here, "stars" can be seen in the background as the player must avoid invisible saw-blades. After that, the level ends with the player greeted with the creator's name and text saying 'GG' as the screen fades into white and then black.</p>