GD Protostar
Country Vietnam (Resides in USA)
Age 15
Levels 0
Other Info
Crew CR
Position 63283 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Protostar (GD Protostar in-game, GD_Protostar on Twitch) is a North American player and YouTuber in Geometry Dash. He has 2794 stars, 9146 Diamonds, 81 Secret Coins, 804 User Coins and 29 Demon levels completed[1]. He has not uploaded any levels so far, and is also a hyperactive user on the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia.


  • He is a Thread Moderator of Geometry Dash Fan Wikia.
  • He posts updates on his profile and the Wiki almost every day.
  • He dedicates himself to "make the Geometry Dash Wikis great again," which is a reference to Donald Trump (somehow his favorite politician) and his pledge to "make America great again."
  • His worst fail is crashing at 98% (off camera) on The Nightmare, which later became his first ever demon beaten.
  • Unlike other users, he posts entire links into his profile updates in-game.
  • He is of Vietnamese race, but resides in the US.
  • He is a 60hz/120hz player.


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