Country Philippines
Age 14
Levels 10
Other Info
Crew None
Position 65,000 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

GMDBuddy (Buddy for short) is a Filipino Geometry Dash player and YouTuber in Geometry Dash. He is mostly known for making level requests streams and Theory of Everything videos. Sometimes, he even teams up with James Dash and his friends to create levels and content for his YouTube channel.

He completed numerous hard demons, such as Cataclysm, New Death Corridor, and Theory of Skrillex.

He also has over 1,200 YouTube subscribers at this moment.


  • Whenever his levels get more dislikes than likes, he deletes it or tries to make it have more likes again.
  • He alo completed other more demons, such as Nine Circles, Ultra Paracosm, Problematic, and DeCode.
  • He has finished some difficult segments in various famous demons such as DeCodeX Wave, Cataclysm Dual Ship Part, and the ending of Supersonic.
  • He is getting very popular (around 30 subscribers per day) on YouTube due to the fact that he gives free moderator for those who subscribed.
  • He is currently the most famous Geometry Dash Player and YouTuber in the Philippines.
  • He currently lives in a city named Parañaque, near Manila, the capital of the Philippines.