GMDBuddy's YouTube Picture
Country Philippines
Age 13
Levels 7 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Apple Squad
Position 99,000 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

GMDBuddy or just Buddy is a Filipino Geometry Dash player, creator, and a YouTuber. Even though he is not that popular, he makes friends with other recognizable GD YouTubers and creators, such as James Dash, and ToshDeluxe. He even teams up with James Dash and his friends to create levels and content for his YouTube.

He completed many hard demons, such as Cataclysm, Bloodbath, and Heartbeat.

He also has over 500 Youtube subs at this moment.


Unrated levels

  • ​HyperSpeed - A level for SirHadoken's CC2
  • James Dash - His first level made last October 2015, but sent on April 2017.
  • James Dash GG (1) - A hard level
  • James Dash GG (2) - An intro for James Dash
  • Galactic Adventures
  • Gawne 4 Life
  • Gawne 4 Life 2017
  • Gawne 4 Eternity
  • *Mega-collabs*
  • Airflow - Megacollab with his BFs (around 5 other people)
  • Tetris Circles


  • His age is revealed, saying that he is nearly 13 years old and his birthday is also revealed in his account (June 24).
  • Whenever his levels get more dislikes than likes, he deletes it or tries to make it have more likes again.
  • He tries to complete more demons, such as Nine Circles (45%), Ultra Paracosm (71%), Problematic (27%), and DeCode (31%).
  • He likes The Loud House so much. His favorite character is Lana.
  • He finish some hard part's in demons such as DecodeX Wave, Cataclysm Dual Ship Part, and the ending of Supersonic.
  • He is getting very popular (30 subs per day) on YouTube, but he will slow down video production starting June 7, because of school and probably tons of homework.
  • He is one of few Filipino players who sends GD content in their YouTube.
  • He currently lives in a city named Parañaque, near Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
  • He already started on the Loud House Series, starting with Lana Loud's level. Preview will be submitted soon.
  • Once he gets 1000 subscribers on YouTube, he will face reveal.
  • In one of his latest videos, he actually revealed his desktop wallpaper.

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