Level Information
Creator AirSwipe
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 16695880
Song Gaster Theme (Rmx) Loop
Composer Djjaner

Gaster is a 2.0 Hard Demon created by AirSwipe. It is a remake of his version of the fan-made battle where you encounter Gaster, a popular character from the indie hit game Undertale.

Description Edit

Gaster, besides monochrome colors, also has orange and light blue. These are used to indicate the pillars at the last wave segmentand to sync with the beat in the first half of the boss fight. Gaster turns from a normal white with black level, into a pretty chaotic boss fight.

Gameplay Edit

Gaster, along with Megalovania, has a lot of memorization. The first cube segment has invisible jump orbs and portals, so you have to memorize what you have to do. After the cube part, the level will switch to black with winding appearing on the screen. After the message, Gaster's face pops up for a bit and then the level throws you into the boss battle, with some hard timings and narrow ship parts. After the first half, you will be transported down and enter a triple speed mini wave segment. Now you have to move through blue and orange pillars. After this, you will go through a almost auto cube part, and then the player enters a pretty tricky ship sequence with invisible spikes. Then, the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • Gaster was built in 1 day, but it took AirSwipe almost 4 days to verify it, mostly because of its difficulty.
  • Gaster was updated to a buffed version with some design updates. This update was verified by Danilkaz.
  • It's the first rated level to use this song.

Gallery Edit

-GASTER DEMON- Gaster by AirSwipe (me) - Geometry Dash -Demon?-

-GASTER DEMON- Gaster by AirSwipe (me) - Geometry Dash -Demon?-

Credit to AirSwipe

Gaster Version 2 -Update verified by Danilkaz-

Gaster Version 2 -Update verified by Danilkaz-

Credit to Danilkaz [Uploaded by AirSwipe]