Level Information
Creator Feko9
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 14633495
Song Iron God: Sapuken Hell Yes RMX
Composer mr-jazzman

Geminorum is an insanely hard demon level created by Feko9, due to it is notorious difficulty, players generally considered this level as an insane demon, however the publisher, Feko9 hacked the level.


Geminorum likely inspires Cataclysm, due to it's color, difficulty, and design. Despite the creator, Feko9 cheated to verify the level. The level still remains featured demon.


Geminorum starts as a simple cube mode with a few timings and fakes, the words "GL" or Good Luck can be seen in the beginning of the level.

Then, the next segment is a double speed ship mode, which involves around straight flying segment. The player must not go through the 3rd straight flying route due to a trap, being tipped-off by the words "GRRR!".

Hence, the player must go up into a secret route, leading him/her to the next sequence. The next game mode is a very difficulty mini wave mode, involving around mashing and hard timings, this part closely resembles Koreaqwer's part in A Bizarre Phantasm, the player must be careful, as there are unnoticed saw-blades in this part, due to the level's background being darker. There is a brief slow part before the next segment.

The next part is a short mini ball mode, which is slightly easy, which has a few jump rings and requires some simple timings, then followed by a very brief UFO mode, there are 2 blue gravity portals can be seen, however the other one will fail the player, then followed by an another difficult ball mode, this part closely resembles Cataclysm's first ball mode, which involves good timing, some mashing, and speed changes.

The next game mode is a short ship mode, consisting of clicking a few jump rings with good timing. Then followed by an another brief UFO. Then, the next part is a ship mode, this part is quite difficult due to the moving saw-blades, so this part requires good flying skills.

The next segment, is a dual cube mode, followed by a fairly easy wave mode. Then, the next game mode is a brief cube mode, consisting of clicking blue jump rings. Then, a moderately easy robot, which is followed by an easy ship mode, then a hard UFO mode, this part closely resembles the UFO part of Windy Landscape. Then, the next game mode is an another hard wave mode, the first halfway of the wave mode consists of a few gravity changes, the second half is consisting of hard timing, then an another UFO mode, this UFO mode is consisting of a fair amount of annoying timings, the last part of the UFO involves mashing with pink jump ring.

The next segment is a moderately but quite easy cube mode, with simple jumps and clicks, then followed by an another difficult ship mode, consisting of an another straight flying and green jump rings, then the halfway becomes triple speed.

Then, the ship mode will become a hard segment with some gravity portals, a narrow route.

The next segment is a ball mode, which closely resembles Viprin's part in Ultrasonic, there are many trolls and fakes everywhere, which makes this part involves around memorization. Then, there is a brief cube mode between the ball mode and the next ship mode.

The next ship has an another rapid gravity portals, then followed by a slow cube mode, which is very easy due to the fact that the player will do nothing else besides jump over a 2 spikes. The next part is a short ball mode, consisting of mashing, then a UFO mode.

Then followed by a moderately easy robot mode, which involves around timing. Then, an another brief but hard wave mode, and a ship mode, consisting of hard straight flying segment.

The next game mode is a dual cube mode, this dual part is relatively easy, compared to most hard dual mode of certain demon levels. The cube mode is then, followed by an another brief straight-flying ship mode, then an another hard ball and UFO mode, the word 'ALMOST' can be seen.

The last part is a ship mode, however this ship is ridiculously hard, because of teleportation portals, size changes, very tight spaces, and requires very decent flying skills.

The level ends with the words, "AY" and "GG".

User Coins

This level contains 3 silver user coins, however all of the 3 coins doesn't have any locations, since they are all located in the end of the level, and can be obtained as a reward for completing the whole level.


Geometry Dash - Geminorum by Feko9 (Demon) Complete + 3 Coins (Live)

Geometry Dash - Geminorum by Feko9 (Demon) Complete + 3 Coins (Live)

Credits to Krazyman50.