Genetic Flow
Level Information
Creator Geometry Dash Forums
Difficulty NA NA
Stars 0Star
Level ID 23269786
Song Genesis
Composer MafiaPineapple

Genetic Flow is a mega-collaboration created by members of the Geometry Dash Forums community, known as the Tentative Team, who were not accepted into Lucent Luminary.


QJrocks: A relatively easy section. The form changes about every 1.5 seconds, for a total of 7 switches before an easy dual ball and robot displaying the level name.

Pie90000: A confusing yet not too hard cube section.

WillFlame: A fast-paced ball and a mini ship/wave with diverse block designs.

LuMaIchArgI: A ship section.

Silmaril: A section with Deadlocked-esque faces that flash.

Muzik Bike: A robot section with rushed decoration. Changes to a ship section with three jump rings as the screen fades to white.

TheDotGamer: This is a section with creative portal placement and tons of moving objects that sync to the wub-wub music.

Rainbow: This is a rainbow wave section with numerous mobile sawblades.

MechaAnguis: A mini-ship, industrial themed section which also houses a coin.

P14: This very dark blue section contains a rare same-gravity wave section. It ends in a purple teleporter.

SeptaGon7: A mainly pink section using only airborne vehicles.

Waterarko: One part of this section requires the player to judge when to stop using jump rings.

TheDotGamer (second section): Animated red background. Very fast paced.

QJrocks (second section): Shaky cube/ball mixed dual with a 1.0-themed section at the end.

Canadagoose/Qubit & WillFlame: Fairly fast paced section near the end.

Mi74: This is a dark UFO segment filled with rainbows, transitioning into an extremely neon section.

Milesman34: Very colorful section filled top and bottom with decorations and versatile block designs.

Purplegaze: A dark section with a rainbow glow, no doubt the easiest part of the level.

Credits: Fashioned into a giant block with the nicknames of all the participants in the collab. There is a coin here. Then the level title appears, alongside the Michigun meme "Every level needs a triple."

Trivia Edit

  • Section 2 was originally intended to be designed by Muzik and MI74.
My (first) part in a collab (GDForum tentatives)

My (first) part in a collab (GDForum tentatives)

The gameplay

  • Rainbow's part was changed in design and heavily nerfed by Pie90000 after it was built. It was originally one of the harder parts of the level.
  • TheDotGamer's first section was originally significantly harder, with the wave and the miniwave being much tighter.


Geometry Dash (Demon?) - Genetic Flow by TentativeTeam

Geometry Dash (Demon?) - Genetic Flow by TentativeTeam

credit to pie90000

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