GeoCore Pic
GeoCore Picture
Leader Radial GD
Number of Members 9
Levels None
Other Info
Date of Foundation 4/29/16
YouTube Channel [1]
GeoCore is a Geometry Dash Clan, and is owned by Geometry Dash player, Radial GD. The clan was created on April 29th, 2016.

There are 3 positions in the clan, Owner, Co-Owner, and Elder. The original members of the clan are Radial GD (Owner), Synical GD (Co-Owner), Cybrr GD (Co-Owner), KikaDash (Elder), Delta GD (Elder), Nate0516 (Elder), Joshman52 (Elder) and GD Chaos (in game name:GC Chaos).

The recruitment requirements can be 2000 Stars, 100 Secret Coins, 40 Demons, 400 User Coins, or 1 or more Creator Points. You just need to apply to one to be recruited.

To apply to join, you need to contact Radial GD. Username: TechniXx Youtube: TechniXx GD

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