GeoDash Revenge
GeoDash Revenge preview
Level Information
Creator JordanKyser
Difficulty HarderHarder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 21926387
Song TheFatRat - Unity
Composer ThisIsTheFatRat

GeoDash Revenge is an harder unrated level by JordanKyser. The level is a moderately hard and extremely long level with moderately advanced decorations.


The level is shown to require great skill to a somewhat major extent. The level is roughly 3 and a half minutes long. This level is extremely different from Jordan Kyser's other levels because the structure of the level differs greatly from his level series, GeoDashChronicles.


The level starts out like a retro television screen as a slow mini cube. The player is on an invisible platform jumping to the beat over some spikes. The player is then sent to the floor where spikes and blocks come up from the ground. The first four groups of objects are moved up by groups, then the objects are moved up from the ground by groups on the same y-axes where the player is then thrown into another invisible platform. The player must then avoid obstacles as a mini ship where the screen is a larger retro television screen where the background pulses to the beat. The player is then avoiding touching the wavy thorns as a robot using orbs and platforms. The player must then avoid obstacles again but as wave, and then a UFO with the large retro TV again. As a cube, the platforms are moving in a glitching pattern similar to that of the feature level Computer Failure, but in a quicker and more random fashion. The player is now avoiding more obstacles in as these in order: ship, UFO, wave, then ship again. Then the player is doing the same thing as a robot like last time, but the structure is different with a different color for the background and ground, and proceeds as a cube and continues the process. A small and brief pause comes and three gray "suns" appear and realign to the center. Then, the suns on the sides move downward while the middle sun moves upward. The suns then reposition to their realigned position. The suns then pulse in and out like a loading ellipses. The player is sent upward midways as a ship and avoids sawblades; this will be much harder than the last times as a ship. The player must proceed as a cube and jump onto the required platforms to proceed as a robot and continue the process. The player must use the yellow jump pad to proceed as a cube where the background changes again and the ground matches the object color; the color scheme is now magma. The player must jump over big obstacles as a robot and continue the process again. As a ship one last time, the player must avoid more obstacles with increasing skill through the segment. Then, the player must continue this process as a wave one last time. Then, the level ends. 


  • This level takes a minimum of 149 jumps to complete.