Leader Dustam/Retina/Plexidit
Number of Members 42
Levels None
Other Info
Date of Foundation September 9th, 2017 (New) Feburary 5th, 2016 (Old)
YouTube Channel None

GeoForge is a Discord clan in Geometry Dash. It is currently led by world class mobile player Retina as well as creators Plexidit and Dustam. It was previously owned and managed by EndLevel, Cypher, Retina and Plexidit before dying and being revived by Retina and Plexidit.


  • The clan was originally formed by EndLevel and Milesman34 as a Discord clan.
  • The clan was later moved to Skype.
  • EndLevel gave leadership to Retina when he quit GD.
  • The clan was moved back to Discord.
  • EndLevel returns, and was promoted to co-owner along with Retina.
  • EndLevel leaves once again due to rising popularity handing over the clan to Plexidit and Retina.
  • Both Plexidit and Retina make the decision to end Geoforge due to EndLevel’s poor management killing the clan.
  • Retina revives Geoforge with the help of Plexidit.
  • Retina goes on a temporary break from Geometry Dash and Discord handing the clan to Dustam and making him the owner. Dustam also promotes Plexidit to Owner.



These staff members are, well, the owners. They're the highest authority in the server, and usually make all of the decisions towards it.

  • Dustam
  • Plexidit


These members can manage the server, and assign other members to Moderators.

  • Retina (temporary)


These members moderate the server by deleting messages, kicking/banning other members, and muting/deafening/moving members in the voice channels.


The current list of members (as of 10/29/16).

  • Gyrus
  • CheeseSlayer
  • Mortal
  • Noice
  • Awzer
  • Rincam5
  • DerptasticGamer
  • Skibble
  • PacmanGD
  • Ezel
  • Zekronz
  • Pexus

Please note there are many other members however the list has yet to be updated.

Skilled Players & Creators

These roles are given to members with talent at beating demons/building feature worthy levels. Obtaining Skilled Player requires beating or getting a high percentage on a difficult demon level, and Skilled Creator require abilities of building feature worthy levels.