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Leader Viprin
Number of Members N/A
Levels TBA
Other Info
Date of Foundation 2015
YouTube Channel None

GeoStorm (GS for short) is a well-known Geometry Dash clan that has many skilled players or creators as members or staff. The only way to join this clan is to be invited.

List of Members Edit

Moderators/Staff Edit

Members Edit

Former Members Edit

These people used to be members of GeoStorm, but are no longer due to various reasons (e.g. kicked.)

  • TriAxis
  • Zobros
  • Riot
  • Manix
  • Loogiah
  • Sciomancer
  • Leksitoo
  • EricVanWilderman
  • MaxiS9
  • AbstractDark
  • Starship
  • Zepher
  • OwlGuy
  • Andro3d