Country United States (Georgia)
Age 15
Levels 8(none starred)
Other Info
Crew none
Position none
YouTube Channel [1]

GeometryJosh is an extremely skilled mobile player who has beaten many insane demons, some of which include: Creeper Force, Necropolis, Acropolis, Future Demoness, Magnix, Lezicuv, Madhouse, Lunatic Doom Machine, The Shredder, Cataclysm (old), Crimson Clutter, Retention , and Rupture.


  • GeometryJosh is often considered to be one of the best mobile players in the game, along with Michigun.
  • He started playing on October 6, 2014 and didn't start getting popular until November of 2015.
  • He got the steam version of Geometry Dash but chose to remain on mobile.
  • He has completed SilentFunk, becoming the very first person in Geometry Dash history to ever complete a Silent level.

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