These are some basic editing guidelines that everyone should follow on the Geometry Dash Fan Wiki:

Thread/Comments Guidelines

  1. Do not post spam or vandalise pages. This will result in a block if done multiple times.
  2. Before making a new page, search thoroughly and make sure that a similar page does not already exist. For example, a page about Cataclysm should not be created, because there is already a page called Cataclysm on the wiki where the level can be described.
  3. Use correct spelling and grammar.
  4. Make sure all information is verified.
  5. Make sure the edit is useful and can be understood.
  6. English is the primary language here! Be sure to speak English and add information to pages in English. Adding information to pages in another language will result in a permablock, if done multiple times.

Page Guidelines

  1. Make sure you provide enough information when creating a page, otherwise it will be deleted immediately without notification.
  2. If you are creating a page about a level or player, be sure to add an infobox to them. To add the infobox, type {{Infobox player/level}}.
  3. Always use capitals correctly.
  4. Do not add gibberish/childish information to pages, always add true and proper information.
  5. Do not add the popular unicode "Lenny Face" or anything like that to pages unless needed. Doing so will probably result in a block.
  6. Do not add notes to pages.
  7. Try and make sure you maintain a neutral standpoint throughout your edits.
  8. Do not add useless categories, categories are features that intended to group together pages on a similar articles to help a user find a page easily.
  9. Do not add inappropriate, racist, or pornographic pictures, as that is not only against the rules of this wiki, but also against the terms of use in the entire fandom community.
  10. Be sure that the article has the right information, not fake or made-up info.


Nowadays, nearly everyone uses the internet, with over 3 billion people active. But that also led to a problem called cyber-bullying, when a internet user repeatdely harasses or attacks another user. This has led to several incidents, such as suicide, mental depressions, etc. This kind of behavior is strictly prohibited on Geometry Dash Fan Wiki and will not be tolerated. If you are caught harassing users in this wiki, you will be banned for at least 2 weeks. (The period of the ban depends how severe the case is) If you still cyber-bully after your first ban, you will be banned permanently from this wiki and there will be no chance to appeal. Cyber-bullying is also against the rules of the Fandom policy, which means not only will you get banned from this wiki, you may recieve farther punsihments from the fandom staff.

Ban Guidelines

"Banning" is the ability of an admin or a bureaucrat to take away a user's rights to edit or even chat in this wiki, which is a common punishment usually given out to vandalizers or cyber-bullies. There are three levels of bans, and each one is different in their own way. Do not threaten other users with a ban when they did nothing wrong or when you're not actually an admin, as that may result in a demotion or a ban.


A warning is the weakest type of ban level, which is not actually a ban at all. It is a simple warning to remind a user who commits minor vandalism or something else that violates the rules of this wiki. If the user continues to vandalize after the warning, he/she will be terminated from editting in this wiki. It also usually comes with a warning template. (example below) This kind of ban level can be given out by any member of the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia Staff. (Rollbacks or a higher position)

Warning Template
Triplespikeanimation Warning
Hello, user. You have received a warning from a staff due to unknown reason.

Please follow our Wiki rules, otherwise you will crash into one of the obstacles.

Normal Ban

A normal ban is the second level of a ban, which takes away a user's rights to edit in this wiki. This punishment can only be given by admins or bureaucrats, who will decided the length of the ban depending on how severe the damage they did to the wiki is. It also comes with a template, just like the Warning. It will be given to users who have comitted moderate vandalism or cyber-bullying.

Normal Ban Template
8o98 You Have Been Banned!
You have crashed into an obstacle and have to wait for length of time to respawn due to unknown reason.

Once you respawn, you may continue editing, but continuing with your behavior may cause you to be banned permanently.

Life Ban

A life ban is the final and most severe level of ban, which will prevent a user from editing in this wiki forever. It will only be given to users who have comitted very severe vandalism, adding inappropriate photos, or repeated vandalism. This kind of punishment can only given by admins or bureaucrats like the normal ban. Once someone gets this ban, they will not get a second chance unless it's their first time vandalizing.

Life Ban Template
You Have Been Banned Permanently!
You have crashed into an obstacle for unknown reason and this will last for your entire lifetime.

You will not likely respawn, so good luck about that.