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This is a page for nominating someone.

Click on the "Edit" button next to the right you would like to nominate the user for, then create a level three heading which contains name of the user you would like to nominate.
Example: ===[[User:Example|Example]]===

When the above is done, copy the following code below the header you created in the above step:




It is required that the nominator pre-fill the first point under the "Support" section with their reasoning for making the nomination/why they believe the nominee would do well in the role they were nominated for.


Please understands what it takes to be an administrator before trying to nominate yourself.

Content Moderators

Not anyone can be a moderator, more experienced users should try to nominate theirselves to a moderator.


  • ...


  • ...


Anyone can be a rollbacker, but less experienced users will need more support.

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