Geometry Dash Joash
Country Singapore
Age 12
Levels 10 (Old account), 5 (New account)
Other Info
Crew none
Position 25174 (Old account) (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Joash is a skilled Singaporean mobile player in Geometry Dash who has completed numerous demon levels from 1.9 and 2.0. He has completed hard 1.9 demons in 1.9 like Nine Circles by Zobros, ToE II V2 by Neptune, Audio Excursion by GoodSmile and Ditched Machine by Jeyzor. He also has completed popular 2.0 levels like Reanimation by Terron, Lonely Travel by FunnyGame and Foxtrox by TheFakeLogik. He has also made some difficult levels that have not been verified yet, like Nostalgic Dominator. He is currently working on completing Rearmed by Krazyman50, though he has stated in a stream that he is still some time away from beating it. He has done 10%-63% and 45% on Rearmed.


  • Old Account
    • Unrated Levels
      • Nine Circles X
      • Mini Wave Challenge
      • Wave Challenge Auto
      • The Rocky Road
      • SkriLLex Easy
      • Hyper Fantasy V0
      • World of Whiteness
      • Trial and Error
      • Impossible Wave
      • Portal Run
    • Deleted Levels (possibly deleted by hacker)
      • Robotic Nightmares
      • Wave Challenge X
      • Theory of Waves
  • New Account
    • Unrated Levels
      • Nine Circles Easy
      • YatagrassuAXE
      • Insanity(This level was made by Joash's friend, and was verified by Joash.)
      • Space Invaders
      • Bloodbath


  • Geometry Dash Joash started streaming on 10/5/2016. His Twitch account is
  • As of 3/6/2016, he has completed 115 demons in total.
  • He has completed Deadly Clubstep and the Megacollab Audio Excursion.
  • He stated that he will try to complete Audio Extraction, a sequel to Audio Excursion, when GoodSmile uploads it.
  • He has recently (April 2 2016) started a little series of 'Random Rebeats' where he randomly chooses old but hard demons and rebeating them, like Ditched Machine:
  • He has crashed at 82%, 91%, and 92% twice on 8o, and has stated that he has given up on it for now. He had done two runs of 38%-100% on a copyable. On 8 December 2016, after another death at 92% and 2 deaths at 98%, he finally beat 8o on 144Hz, taking 18164 attempts.
    • He said that 8o is "a boring misuse of orbs, portals, spikes and colors."
  • He has beaten the very hard demon, Audio Excursion, on January 30th, 2016.
  • He has 51-94%, 67-100% and 25% on Bloodbath.
  • He has a part in YatagarasuX, a medium demon mega-collaboration organised by Loeckske.
  • According to what he said in a stream, his old account, Joash/Jmetrician (4404898) got hacked/banned on the day Geometry Dash Meltdown was released. After waiting for a month, he decided to give up on his old account and started his current account, TheRealJoash (9473507) where he currently does his social activities. He has now gotten his old account back and is using it now.
  • Due to his name and that fact that he also plays on mobile, many people may confuse him for GeometryJosh.
  • He has been timed out in numerous streams.
  • His Twitch account was suspended indefinitely on 23 July 2016 due to him being underage, however, he has submitted an appeal to the Twitch Administration.
  • He has since switched to YouTube streaming.
  • On 7 October 2016, he switched to a 144Hz monitor.
  • On 14 November 2016, he beat all the map packs in the game, reaching 145 secret coins.
  • On 18 November 2016, he beat Poltergeist after 2487 attempts.
  • On 22 November 2016, he verified Nine Circles X, the original buffed version of Nine Circles.
  • On 27 November 2016, he completed his hardest demon so far, The Ultimate Phase in 9433 attempts. This is his first and so far only extreme demon. His worst fail was 85%, on Cyclic's part.
  • On 7 December 2016, he beat the mega-collaboration Supersonic. However, he said that he doesn't find it that hard, only buggy, despite dying at 89% three times.
  • The next day, he beat 8o after dying at 92% twice and 98% three times.
  • He has changed his Geometry Dash IGN to just "J J."