Country Venezuela
Age 13
Levels 4 (None starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel Unknown

Geometrydude200 (or simply Geometry or Geometrydude. Gamerdude1304 on Twitch) is an unknown player and a creator in Geometry Dash. He has 4 levels created. He has completed 7 demon levels legitimately, The Nightmare, The Lightning Road, Clubstep, Theory of Everything 2, Deadlocked, Invisible Clubstep, Impact X. He beat Utopian Delusions while it was hacked by another player.  


Project Space


  • He likes football, he showed this when "El Classico" was on, and posted a comment at halftime and at the end.
  • He recently completed the Chaos Gauntlet.
  • According to some people, he is a very bad creator.
  • He speaks both English and Spanish.
  • He died at 96% in TOE 2 but then beat it an hour later.


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