Country Venezuela
Age 13
Levels 3 (None starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel Unknown

Geometrydude200 (or simply Geometry or Geometrydude. Gamerdude1304 on Twitch) is an unknown creator in Geometry Dash. He has 3 levels created and is also currently working on Project Space. He has completed 4 demon levels, The Nightmare, The Lightning Road, Clubstep, and Theory of Everything 2.  


Project Space


  • Geometrydude likes football, he showed this when "El Classico" was on, he posted a comment at halftime and at the end.
  • He recently completed the Chaos Gauntlet.
  • According to some people, he is a very bad creator.
  • He speaks both English and Spanish.
  • He died at 96% in TOE 2 but then beat it an hour later.


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