Golden Haze
Golden Haze
Level Information
Creator Viprin
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 3541441
Song Golden Haze
Composer Detious

Golden Haze is a difficult demon level by Viprin & Nox. It is difficult due to many tricks and tight spaces in level. The level is one of the most popular 1.9 demon levels in-game. It is generally considered as an easy or medium demon but sometimes very easy.


The level starts with a semi-difficult ship with gravity portals and sawblades only. At slow speed. And then it comes to a moderate cube with fake orbs and many difficult tricks. This part needs memorization due to many, many fake jump rings. Then it comes to a high-speed and moderate ball. It gets even more difficult when ball becomes mini. After the long ball segment, the player will transform into a difficult wave with fake paths, tight spaces and high-speed, making the wave harder to control. Then the player will transform into a simple dual ship with only straight flying. And then the player will transform into a very hard UFO with high speed and tight paths. Than it comes to a simple ship with a few tricks. After the long ship, however, the player will transform into a insanely difficult wave with tight spaces, invisible blocks, fake paths and high speed. Then the player will transform into a moderate dual cube with many jumps that needs crucial timing. And then the level will end with a dual wave and ball.


Geometry Dash - Golden Haze (Hard Demon) - by Viprin and Nox01:34

Geometry Dash - Golden Haze (Hard Demon) - by Viprin and Nox

Credits to Zobros.

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