Formerly featured in Cosmic Calamity

The green jump pad is a fictional map component used in levels (predominantly by Muzik Bike) to mimic the pad equivalent of the green jump ring.

Differences from the cyan pad

Green cyan pad comparsion

illustration by P1kachu

The cyan jump ring immediately changes the gravity of the player upon use, and abruptly forces the player into the direction of gravity; whilst the green pushes the icon against the direction of gravity slightly while also changing the gravity. The differences here are reflected in the pads; where cyan pushes the player directly upwards, green hesitantly does so.

If the green pad has nothing below it, the icon will also be forced downwards (as in Epsilron Auto).

Building Instructions

  1. Place down a cyan jump pad.
  2. Place down a magenta or yellow jump pad directly on top of this cyan pad. It is now fully functional.
  3. To make it look like a green pad, set the magenta pad to a group, and use an alpha trigger to set this group to invisible.
  4. Set the cyan pad to a group, and use a pulse trigger to set it to light green, keeping the Hold on for a long time.



GEOMETRY DASH 2.0 How to make a fully functional green jump pad!

video by Muzik Bike

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