Not to be confused with Hallucinations by Spu7nix (Coming Soon)

Level Information
Creator ASonicMen, Terron, Cardium, Andromeda, Ludicrous, Mazl, Phantom X, Rob Buck, DarkZ, Nox, XCY-7, TriAxis, Seedot, Killer, RandomGamer
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 10047384
Song The Hallucinations
Composer TheColdSpirit

Hallucinations is a very hard demon level created by Ludicrous and other more creators. Though it is quite difficult, it is considered one of the worst demon megacollabs ever made because of some ill-designed parts in it.


ASonicMen & Terron - Cube part with lots of timings and trolling.

Cardium - Very easy slow wave with size changes midway.

Andromeda - Starts with very tight flying part, changes gravity later and then becomes a ball. Players need good straight flying skills to complete this part.

Ludicrous - Purple Nine Circles part with tight spaces and fake line trollings.

Mazl - Very fast mini ufo with few jumps that require some timings.

Phantom X - Simple very fast dual cube with insane flashing background.

Rob Buck - Slow wave with very tight spaces and spike pillars. Players can go through one of the pillars midway because it's a fake.

DarkZ - Slow ball with fakes and orb placements designed to increase timing difficulties. 

Nox - One of the hardest parts in this level. The part begins with two simple cube jumps, becomes ship tightly surrounded by spikes and needs to go up into a tunnel made by fake blocks. Then it becomes cube again, using two orb jumps with hard timing to go into UFO portal. The player needs to quickly go up, and use the gravity portal to quickly go down into wave portal. The speed increases and players need to use straight wave to complete this part.

XCY-7 - Simple Ball / Ship dual part. Though simple, it is still likely to fail in this part.

TriAxis - Black-white themed flying part with fake lines and background flashes everywhere.

Seedot - Mini UFO part with orbs, invisible spikes and frequent gravity and speed changes.

Killer - Randomly designed auto part as a break for players.

RandomGamer - An easy part cluttered with autos, vertical camera moves and confusing gameplay.


  • Krazyman50 was the first on Youtube to beat this level, saying "it's probably one of the worst demon megacollabs I've ever played".


Geometry Dash - Hallucinations by Ludicrous (Demon) Complete (Live) -- by Krazyman50

Geometry Dash - Hallucinations by Ludicrous (Demon) Complete (Live) -- by Krazyman50

This video shows the full gameplay of Hallucinations. Credits to Krazyman50.