Level Information
Creator SrGuillester, Azuler
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 27580467
Song Hate Everything
Composer Xtrullor

Hatred is an Extreme Demon decorated by Azuler and Verified by SrGuillester. It is one of the most extreme timing demons in the entirety of Geometry Dash and is located at #19 on the Official Extreme and Insane Demons Ranking List, and is one of the hardest timing demons on the list, along with Black Blizzard and The Hell World.


This level's gameplay was made by SrGuillester, and it was decorated by Azuler. The decoration and background is mostly greyscale with some red. It is completely in half speed, except for one jump in triple speed. The level is closely related to Acropolis, as both are always in slow speed and based around timing.


The level starts with a half speed ball, where there is a low detail mode. This ball continues for a while, with orb taps and tight spacing. It becomes mini for a moment, before becoming a cube. The cube has to hit a few green orbs, before a short auto sequence, where you can tap an orb to arrive at a space where potentially a coin will be. The cube becomes a large wave with tight spacing, which hits gravity portals, and then a mini portal. The mini wave has a short spam, before there is a large ship, which goes up and down a tight spike space. It becomes a mini upside down ship, with a few straight flies, before a cube, where text reads "Hatred" and "SrGuillester and Azuler". There is a triple speed jump, then the level goes back to half speed UFO, with very tight spacing throughout. Next is a mini robot with three difficult jumps,and then a few orb jumps, before a normal size cube happens, like the first Michigun cube in Bloodbath, but in 0.7 speed. After is a short auto, which if you tap an invisible blue orb, you go to a part with one jump, where a coin might go. If you die on the jump, the dog from Undertale slides out. Next is a ship like the one from 8o, where the ship is forced under spikes with many gravity portals. There is a short ship fly after this, and then a difficult cube maze. Finally, there is an auto, and a block saying "Azuler" and "SrGuillester". There is one last jump, and if you fail, text appears saying "97%".


  • The part where it says "Hatred" and "SrGuillester and Azuler" was originally where the "Annoying Dog" from Undertale was placed.
  • If one looks into the level in the editor, one may find some objects hacked to over 20 times its original size.


(Extreme Demon) Hatred 100% by Azuler4 (Verified by me) - Geometry Dash 202:37

(Extreme Demon) Hatred 100% by Azuler4 (Verified by me) - Geometry Dash 2.0

Credits to SrGuillester. This video shows the verification of Hatred, as well as the exact location of its user coins.

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