Haunted World
Level Information
Creator Psychomaniac14 and more
Difficulty Potentially an extreme demon
Stars 10 (possibly an Extreme Demon)
Level ID TBA
Song I couldn't remember my name, I couldn't remember my life, all I knew was that I was gone forever
Composer Cacola

Haunted World is a 2.1 upcoming mega-collaboration Extreme Demon by Psychomaniac14 and many more people. It is to currently set to be verified by Slickman105. It is 19 minutes and 55 seconds long, which is basically the same as the length of the whole song. The level only uses half (0.7x) speed and contains User Coins as well.


1. Psychomaniac14 (00:00-00:20) (Finished)

2. SrBeef (00:20-01:31) (Finished)

3. xAntimatter (01:31-02:42)

4. treblaj999 (02:42-03:53)

5. YoshiPhysics (03:53-05:04)

6. Zim (05:04-06:15)

7. SereZell (06:15-07:26)

8. Visurient (07:26-08:37)

9. TheRealIceCube (08:37-09:48)

10. ??? (09:48-10:59)

11. ??? (10:59-12:10) (Coin)

12. B U R N (12:10-13:10) (Boss Fight, Coin)

13. ??? (13:10-14:20)

14. ??? (14:20-15:30)

15. TrueAsrium (15:30-16:40)

16. ??? (16:40-17:50)

17. ??? (17:50-19:00)

18. Psychomaniac14 (19:00-19:55) (Acknowledgements, Coin)


  • Due to its possible difficulty and length, the creator of this level may have to hack to verify it.
    • The creator has confirmed, however, that if he gets stuck on any of the parts, he will nerf it.
      • Slickman105 is currently the verifier
    • It is believed that this level may also be harder than Yatagarasu.
  • The level has been rebooted leading to the whole 100+ person collab, now only being 17 people.
  • This is one of the longest levels in GD History, being over twice the length of Hypnotic Travel.
  • The third part is notorious for causing people to quit the megacollab