Havlix29 is a highly skilled Croatian creator and extremely skilled player. He is highly unnoticed due to only 10 subscribers on youtube. He doesn't upload that often. He has beaten demons like Acropolis, AcropoliX, Cataclysm, ICDX but he didn't have recording for them and he lost his stats three times, so now he is rebeating them.


  • He started playing Geometry Dash back in May 29th, 2014 on his birthday.
  • He didn't have any GD friends until he discovered Discord.
  • He was waiting to increase his skill so he can upload best videos.
  • He was finding a way to avoid lag so he could record.
  • His first appearance on YouTube was weeks ago.
  • He quit GD once, but returned in matter of days.

Creating and Playing


He is currently participating in many megacollabs such as Sakupen megacollab (Hosted by EndLevel), Betrayal of Fear megacollab (Hosted by Visionary) and much more. He is also collaborating with Apollo in their own level, with Visionary in their Hell Zone remake and more. He has 0 CP since he wasn't a good creator weeks ago. He says he only participates in megacollabs and collabs, and will hardly upload his own level. He is also participating in future extreme demons, such as: Angelic Figures (Yata difficulty, hosted by Flaming).


In total of his 2 years of playing, he managed to beat over 700 demons. Due to losing his stats three times lately, everything is lost. He switched over 10 accounts due to being hacked on almost every account. Some demons he beaten but lost them include:


  • He has beaten all of the official levels with coins on first account but every other account he just went to online levels.
  • He might be world record holder for least attempts on Bloodbath with only 7K attempts and 98%.
  • He is currently practicing Sonic Wave and has 27% on it.
  • He also has 67% on Conical Depression, but he claims to not have a video and that he will rebeat the progress.
  • He is good friends with Visionary and Milesman34.

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