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Hazardous Sanctuary
Level Information
Creator Zyzyx
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 11914253
Song Instant Reaction
Composer Xtrullor

Hazardous Sanctuary is a Medium Demon level created by Zyzyx.

Description Edit

This level has quite a few annoying bugs. This is also a fast paced demon level.

Gameplay Edit

The player starts with a cube segment with a simple jump, which shows the level title, then instantly turns into a easy triple speed ship sequence, with numerous keys scattered throughout the segment. Then, the player enters a quite easy wave segment. Afterwards, the player enters a ball segment, which is easy as well but has some annoying fakes nonetheless. Then turns into a short wave, and then a simple UFO segment. The player then turns into a robot, with tricky parts. After that, the player enters a ship sequence with some teleport portals. Then, the player enters a wave segment and then a ufo sequence. Then, the player turns into a easy/medium mini wave segment with multiple speed changes to try and throw the player off. Then, the player enters a moderately difficult (some timing is required) dual cube segment in normal speed. Afterwards, there is a brief auto segment. Then the level ends.

User Coins Edit

This level contains 3 silver user coins, which are all fairly easy to obtain:

  • First coin is located in the ball segment near the green rings.
  • Second coin is located in the robot part near the ship portal.
  • The third and final coin is located shortly after the dual segment.

Walkthough Edit

Geometry Dash -2

Geometry Dash -2.0- (Demon) - Hazardous Sanctuary by Zyzyx - GuitarHeroStyles

Credit to GuitarHeroStyles