HeLL (Serponge)
Level Information
Creator Serponge and Shig
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 25706351
Song Accelerate
Composer Acid-Notation

HeLL is a Medium Demon level with cozy, red design by Serponge. A player named Shig collaborated with him and makes the gameplay. It is the last level of the Demon Gauntlet.


The level starts off with a tricky normal-speed cube sequence. There is also a Low Detail Mode key located here. After the long and tricky cube sequence, the player turns into a wave. The wave sequence is quite difficult with very fast speed and little room for the wave. The wave sequence is followed by a quite tricky but simple ship part with moving blocks, orbs and fast speed. After the ship segment, the player enters a UFO sequence. The UFO sequence is difficult and very tricky with fast speed and constant gravity changes. The UFO part is followed by a ship part full of fading saws, frequent teleportation and fast speed. After the ship there is another tricky cube sequence full of orbs, which requires decent memorization. After the cube, there is a difficult ball part with constant black outs and fast speed. The ball part also requires intense memorization and intense timing. After the ball part there is a simple robot part that requires memorization. The following UFO part is just like the previous UFO part, with fast speed and frequent gravity changes, it needs intense timing. The UFO part is followed by a hard mini-wave which requires timing. After the mini-wave, there is a difficult cube part that requires very intense timing and memorization. The cube part is followed by a simple ship part with moving blocks that requires basic memorization. The level ends with a cube with 2 triple spikes.

User Coins

There are 3 user coins in the level.

  • The first user coin is at 62%. It is hidden inside the blue orb, and the player must not jump to get it. After getting it, they must use the jump orb again to continue.
  • The second user coin is at 92%. The coin turns invisible for a moment, but will turn visible again if the player does not manage to get it.
  • The last coin is at 96%. The player must go through the fake blocks, and go up to the cube portal, but must be careful as there are no blocks supporting the spikes.


  • FunnyGame is mentioned as BunnyGame in the final part, due to the Easter egg in his levels.
  • In the first cube segment, if the player crashes on the triple spike, text saying "For Michi" will appear.
    • If the player jumps and crashes into it, the text will appear slowly, from the right, and if they crash into it without jumping, the text will appear suddenly.


HeLL by Serponge (& Shig) Geometry Dash01:18

HeLL by Serponge (& Shig) Geometry Dash

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