Level Information
Creator ToxicGD
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 6996731
Song Headrush
Composer Rukkus

Headrush is a hard Nine Circles remake created by ToxicGD, otherwise known as Toxinide. It's often considered as a hard demon.

Overview Edit

Headrush is one of the earliest Nine Circles levels ever created, being one among the ten first ones ever.

Gameplay Edit

It begins as a cube mode, with simple jumps and tricky timings and fake spikes/lines, followed by a double-speed ship part, which is quite hard, as the player has to carefully time their clicks and straight-fly. Just like Jawbreaker, the ship part features gravity portals.

The next part is a fairly easy ball, this one requires memorization as there are few timed jumps, fakes, and some trolls. Halfway through, the ball will briefly change into slow speed, then normal speed, (The same thing repeats again) followed by double-speed and normal speed.

The next game mode is an easy cube, containing pink jump pads and some pink jump rings, followed by a brief auto part near the end of the cube part. Then, the speed changes into slow, as there are simple jumps and auto parts. Then, as the song drops, as the epileptic hard wave is introduced, which is slightly harder, compared to some Nine Circles levels, due to the gravity, speed and size changes, tight spaces, crucial timing, fake lines, trolls, and dual mode.

The last part is a double-speed cube with a medium difficulty. This involves timed jumps, jump rings and fake lining. Halfway through, the cube changes to normal speed, then to slow speed.

The level ends with the creator's name, TOXIC. However, the player must jump through the 'x' in the creator's name to avoid a hard to see spike, which otherwise will result in a very frustrating death at the end of the level. The level then ends.

Trivia Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Headrush- ItzToxic (me) Demon?

Headrush- ItzToxic (me) Demon?

Credits to ToxicGD.