Hexagon HyperDrive
Level Information
Creator Mitchell
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
Level ID 1629780
Song Hexagon Force
Composer Waterflame

Hexagon HyperDrive is a Hard 4* level created by Mitchell during Update 1.8. It is the first level in the Hexagon Hyperdrive series and also the second level in the Amethyst Pack.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a few automatic jumps. Then, the player enters a ship sequence, but the player can do nothing until he/she goes between the blocks. The, the player enters a cube part, which is a bit harder and needs some memorization, but is still relatively easy. The arrows show if the player needs to jump or not. The next ship sequence is easy, but doing nothing won't save the player this time. The exclamation marks show where the blocks are. The player will have to jump earlier than they think in the next cube. The mini cube part is automatic, and the level ends with the creator's name without 'ell', and the number "300,000."

Trivia Edit

  • This is the most famous level in the Amethyst Pack.
    • It is also the only level which the player can copy.
  • Unlike the other levels in the Amethyst Pack, this level has more ship sequences than cube sequences.
  • This level has gone through a total of 27 updates, making it one of the most updated levels in the game.


Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Amethyst Pack - Hexagon HyperDrive (by Mitchell) All Coins

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Amethyst Pack - Hexagon HyperDrive (by Mitchell) All Coins

credits to Muzik Bike

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