Level Information
Creator Timestorm
Difficulty Unknown
Stars Unknown
Level ID Unknown
Song Unknown
Composer Unknown

Holography is an unreleased/unfinished custom level made by Timestorm (formerly known as DeltaXis). The level was made with the 2.1 level editor from Geometry Dash World, therefore being the first 2.1 custom level.


The level features many 2.1 features, like the new dash orb or the spider mode. This level features only 3 forms: cube, ship and the new spider. After the first cube part, the ship part begins with with many blocks featuring lava, the part ends with a mini-ship part with 2 fire bars made with the new rotate trigger in it. Than, the new spider mode begins, which is a double speed part. The part later transforms into a normal speed spider sequence, with many dash orbs. The unfinished spider sequence ends with a red orb, which is also new.


  • While unfinished and unreleased, this is the first custom level made with the level editor from 2.1.
  • The level was made with the Nox App Player.
  • This level is theoretically a hacked level, due to the fact that the level was made with the hacked level editor in Geometry Dash World.
  • The level will get a remake in the full version of Geometry Dash in 2017/2018.


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