Horizont White
Level Information
Creator XapoloX, Krloz, brayan111skate, dead android, signal snake, venom, athanatos XL, Trueway, junior GG, GdKronos, XxJoseRMDxX, and Tramix
Difficulty TBA (hopefully Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (hopefully 10*)
Level ID Unknown
Song Surface
Composer Dimrain47

Horizont White is an upcoming extreme demon mega-collaboration created by XapoloX and 12 others. The level will be inspired by Artificial Ascent, the level will be XL in length, and will have a total of 12 participants.


XapoloX: The level starts off with a cube sequence going through platforms that in turn are going. Moving in addition to this the obstacles are put in passing of the song.

Krloz: Afterwards, there is a triple speed ship sequence passing through narrow parts, changing the ball to continue with small ship to pass in a tunnel with many obstacles, passing this part the player will have That pass a double part of cube that at the end will continue with a sudden change of ship that passes through a narrow portal that changes the gravity. Already this will come a cube at medium speed.

brayan111skate: Wave at high speed, that changes to ball to pass between a narrow path of skewers, changing to inverted ship to be able to happen to a mini wave, once passed, will come a ufo to high speed that changed of gravity due to green orbs, to Pass this will come a wave that will have to go through a rather small and moved part that will change to ship with green and purple portals passing platforms with skewers

XapoloX (again): Mini cube at maximum speed passing through two green orbs suddenly changing to a ship where they will have to keep it stable, then change to a mini ball where there will be two clicks, at the moment of doing this will come a bucket where it will be on top of several skewers Jumping to reach a ball portal in which they will have to make several quick clicks to be able to reach the portal of the ship where they will have to keep it stable by changing gravity and passing with a mini wave changing sharply to cube in order to be able to change to ship and reach the third speed portal.

dead android: Afterwards, there is a triple speed cube segment. Here, the player must pass through portals like the ball to make a spam-click to be able to change the ufo and double click to change gravity with the blue orb, doing this will change the cube and will have to make clicks perfect for not hit the spikes. Doing this will change the ball to make a spam-click again with pause to reach the wave and pass it to finally reach a cube segment right before the beat drop.

signal snake: The music beat drops, and the player enters a triple speed wave sequence, then a ship segment. Here, the ship is quite difficult to control. Then, there is a cube sequence, where the player will have to pass with several clicks, changing again to wave to make fast clicks and continue with ship right.

venom: Afterwards, there is a ship sequence that is changing its size and gravity to get to the ball at maximum speed where we will have to make several clicks both quickly and slowly.

athanatos xl: Afterwards, there is a cube sequence in which the player will have to make several clicks to get to the first speed portal. Doing this, the player must jump between several spines to be able to reach the wave where we are waiting for a very difficult and narrow part.

Trueway: Part where we drive the mini robot to pass between several spines very stuck, once past this we will have to make a few clicks very precise to be able to pass this part, later the player will change to a ship that will change of size to pass through a narrow part.

junior GG: This is a mini ball sequence, where the player must be able to pass to a fairly narrow part where we handle the wave, (quite narrow part), when passing this we will have double ball that will be quite difficult to shake.

GdKronos: This is a ship segment, where the player will change enough gravity to be able to reach a slow part where the player finds text saying, "TAKE A BREAK." This part is actually quite easy to pass in addition to having a quite colorful decoration.

XxjoseRMDxX: Part quite moved and difficult to control since we will have to be very precise due to the narrow roads and abrupt changes of vehicles, when passing this part we will leave a double part quite difficult due to its handling, passing this part we will have to keep the ship Quite right not to hit the obstacles

Tramix: This segment is the end of the entire level and easy enough to pass, as the player only has to make several clicks a bit perfect not to collide with the obstacles. Then, the player will find some text saying, "Dedicated to the members of Artificial Ascent, <3, and GG," as well as the list of members who participated in the mega-collaboration. Then, the level ends.


  • The level only needs the decoration and will be published.
  • The creators of the level had enough problems to make their parts because the previous parts moved from their places.

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