Hyper Light Drifter
Hyper Light Drifter
Level Information
Creator KeyBladeMaster
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 24827958
Song Gravity
Composer Shut Eye

Hyper Light Drifter is an upcoming demon created by KeyBladeMaster and set to be verified by the hacker Feko9. The level has very difficult timings, tight spaces, memorization, and really hard dual segments. In addition, it has very low visibility in various sections.


The level starts with text saying "Enjoy!" as well as text saying "You Spent" designed to display the attempt total. Next, there is a cube segment with a few timings, as well as some memorization. This is followed by a very hard ship sequence with a bunch of straight fly segments as well as numerous gravity and size portals. Then there is a slow speed tight wave segment with a bit of spamming at the end. Then there is an easier dual mini wave that leads into a rather tight dual ship part. This is followed by a dual wave that has both regular and mini wave, and involves lots of spamming. This leads into a dual cube part with a few timings and some tricks. Then there is a cube part that is mostly memorization based. Then there is a tricky wave part with some rather tight spaces. This is followed by a rather difficult cube section with a lot of memory and a few timings. Then there is an auto wave part. The text "KeyBladeMaster ...presents..." appears. Then there is an auto cube segment. The text "Hyper Light Drifter" appears segment, in "Oxygene 1" font.

An auto dual cube transition appears. Then, there is a quite difficult cube/wave mixed dual. The cube part later becomes a robot, continuing the hard dual segment. This is them followed by a cube/robot mixed dual. Then, there is a very difficult ship sequence with a bunch of gravity portals. This is followed by a wave part with very tight spaces and a bunch of gravity and size portals. Then there is a gravity ship part with a bunch of tight spaces. This leads into an auto ship part, and then an auto cube part. The text "Party!" appears at the end. Then there is a tight ship section with a gravity portal, followed by a spamming-based wave part. This is followed by a very tight ship sequence. Then there is a memorization based cube section. The text "Almost" appears in scattered letters. There is a free ship sequence for the rest of the level. The text "GG" appears at first. Then text saying "Verifed by Feko9" and "Thx baby <3" appears. "Thanks to everyone who supported me" also appears. The text "Key" appears at the end. Then, the level ends.


  • The level will be verified by Feko9, even though he is likely a hacker.
  • The text "Verified" appears as "Verifed" in the level, which is obvoiusly a misspelling.


Cuts (Read Desc

Cuts (Read Desc.)

Cut gameplay by KeyBladeMaster.