His offical picture/image/icon
Country Estonia
Age 15
Levels 99
Other Info
Crew Team Bizarre
Position Member/Verifier
YouTube Channel None

TouguTouhou (Formerly iITouguEricii) is an Estonian gamer, music maker and graphic designer. He first joined Geometry Dash in early 1.1, and didn't start making levels until 1.9. He has so far beaten many insane and extreme demons, such as Cosmic Calamity, A Bizarre Phantasm, The Hell Factory, Sakupen Hell, Crimson Clutter and 8o.

Trivia Edit

  • He made an extreme demon with a sequel, named Necropolis, and Necropolis II.
  • He is the verifier of the upcoming nearly-impossible demon RePulse.
  • He verified Surm's version of Sonic Wave, titled Surm Wave.
  • He beat ReCode, by Surm.
  • He got 86% on Bloodbath, before the sync bug, which made him loose all of his demons, stars, coins and icons.
  • He changed his password nearly 30 times, as of 1.9.