Ice Carbon Zust
Level Information
Creator GW RoadMC2 (Roadbose)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 151941
Song Cycles
Composer DJVI

Not to be confused with Ice Carbon Diablo X.

Ice Carbon Zust is a 1.4 Insane Demon created by GW RoadMC2, who created an account called TheRealZust, the creator of Ice Carbon Diablo X. The level utilizes a style of Clutterfunk, xStep, and Cycles. The level was said to be a remake of Cycles even though this is widely disputed. The level is generally considered an insane or extreme demon with a lot of tight spaces that are ridiculously difficult to reach.


The level is very annoying and notoriously difficult due to the crucial and precise timings, insanely tight ship sequences, insane memorization, mirror portals in spikes, numerous triple spikes, and confusing ball segments.

The level's style is actually the style of Cycles but was mixed with xStep and Clutterfunk style, very similar to Crescendo by Mask463.

There are some parts of the level that has a poor use of color combinations in ground and background because the level was created in a very long time ago during the 1.4 days.


  • The level is disliked due to being believed as a silent level or mistaken as an impossible level, similar to Ice Carbon Diablo X. However, when Cyclic completed Ice Carbon Zust legitimately, it got a huge amount of likes.
  • The level used to have a secret way, located at 47%. However, RobTop either did not notice the secret way at the level, or realized how difficult it was to reach, so it remains a demon level.
  • Hotball1 is the youngest person to beat Ice Carbon Zust being only 11 but used the secret way which is patched by RoadMC2's new account TheRealZust.
  • This level can be considered the prequel of Ice Carbon Diablo X, although it is not as famous is ICDX
  • The level got hacked in a recent update after RoadMC2's account name got hacked into TheRealZust, removing the secret way and adding a message to the beginning of the level.


Ice Carbon Zust by RoadMc2 - Geometry Dash (Reupload)

Ice Carbon Zust by RoadMc2 - Geometry Dash (Reupload)

Credits to Spoder 2558. This video shows the full walkthrough of Ice Carbon Zust.

(Extreme Demon?) Ice Carbon Zust by Roadbose - Geometry Dash

(Extreme Demon?) Ice Carbon Zust by Roadbose - Geometry Dash

Credits to SrGuillester. This video shows the secret way of Ice Carbon Zust.