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Ice Cream
Level Information
Creator Cyclic, re-verified and re-published by Satcho
Difficulty Demon Demon (1.9)

Insane Insane (2.1)

Stars Star10 (1.9)

Star0 (2.1)

Level ID 21824909
Song Polargeist
Composer Step

Ice Cream is a level created by Cyclic, reverified and re-published by Satcho. It is now impossible due to a 2.1 bug.

Description Edit

The level has no decoration at all and was made bad on purpose. It is considered to be a very hard demon or insane demon. It has very ridiculous timings and insanely hard ball sections, as well as utilizing orb masking, which is stacking one jump orb on top of another different one.

Trivia Edit

  • This level used to have over 2,000 dislikes at one point, but Cyclic reuploaded it and had over 3,000 likes. However, it got deleted again.
  • Satcho beat and uploaded the level months after Cyclic quit.
  • Zobros and SrGuillester have both beaten it.
  • SrGuillester and Leksitoo both got 98% fails on it.
  • This level was created in 2014.
  • This was considered Insane Demon and was rated for a while. However, it is impassible due to 2.1 making stacked orbs impossible.
  • Decarex has beaten this level early in 2017
  • In May 2017, a competitor level, Ketchup, was created because PhantomRamos apparently thought that junk food should be replaced by something way healthier, but less popular.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Ice Cream (Insane Demon) - by Cyclic

Geometry Dash - Ice Cream (Insane Demon) - by Cyclic

Credits to Zobros.