"If ToE2 was Level 1" by Defectum

If ...... was level 1 is a old trend taking place in Geometry Dash user levels. Users try to take a really hard level and modify the gameplay such that it becomes much easier (though it may not necessarily be a real "easy" rated level).

The first significant instance of this was when Defectum parodied Theory of Everything 2, making the level "If TOE2 was level 1". Sometimes, creators also introduce variations of this style, like "If ...... was easy".

Starred levels

You can find all of these "level one", writing "if" and selecting the star in the filters. These are the levels that got a lv1 version ordered by the number of likes.


  • Some levels to get parodied this way include the demons Cataclysm and Nine Circles.
  • Usually, a starred If ...... was Level 1 level worths 2, 3 or 4 stars. The only exception is for Sonic Wave rated 8 stars.
  • Some people like to make jokes with the style. I.E. "If Stereo Madness was Lvl 1". An example is Jeyzor.
  • "If Sonic Wave was Lvl 1" is the hardest star rated Lvl 1 level, and it is rated as insane even it is a lot easier than the original one.
  • The levels are sometimes literally level 1 (Stereo Madness), like the Jeyzor level mentioned above.
  • Some 'If .... was Level 1' are just a copied version of the original level but was nerfed a lot, and made some parts more easier than before.
  • The first actual known instance of this was made by a player called Tetic, where he made Clubstep in a Stereo Madness style.
  • Viprin considers this an "annoying trend" : [1]
  • Rockstr99 and MagicXdash are the players with the most starred If ...... was Level 1 levels created.
  • Sometimes they are just "easier" versions, which can actually be demons, like Nerfbath, Sakupen Heaven, and Cataclysm v0.

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