Country Russia
Age 15
Levels 17
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]
IlluminatGuy is a skilled player/wiki editor from Russia. He has completed many hard demons such as Cosmic Calamity8oRearmed and others. He is also known as a Twitch streamer.


Illuminati Challenge Series

  • Illuminati Challenge
  • Illuminati Chall 2
  • Illuminati Chall 3
  • Illuminati Chall 4
  • Illuminati Chall 5
  • Illuminati Chall 6
  • Illuminati Chall 7
  • Illuminati Chall 8
  • Illuminati Chall 9
  • Illuminati Chall 10

Unrated Levels

  • Illuminati Boss - short boss fight with "The Illuminati"
  • CaveStep - his first 2.0 level.
  • Chaos Fantasy - unfinished 1.9 level.
  • Electronic Chaos - his first finished level, created in 1.9.

Upcoming levels

  • Unrealistic - Possible upcoming extreme demon, a megacollab with unknown amount of creators. IlluminatiGuy is currently at 60%.


  • He completed many demons during streaming.
  • He is verifying a megacollab called "Unrealistic" and is at 60%. The level is described to be "harder than Cataclysm".

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