Level Information
Creator TrusTa, Rob Buck, ASonicMen, RealSoulDash, Rockstr99, ComplexX, Megaman, Oculus, Giron, Randomus (verified and published by Giron)
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 8237474
Song Red 13
Composer ParagonX9

Infrared is a very hard level made by and 9 other people. The level is generally considerd a hard or very hard demon.

Overview Edit

This is a demon rated level that was verified and published by Giron(formerly GironDavid).This is a mega-collaboration between TrusTa, Rob Buck, ASonicMen, RealSoulDash, Rockstr99, ComplexX, Megaman, Oculus, Giron himself, and Randomus.

Gameplay Edit

TrusTa: The level starts as a brief cube mode, followed by a brief normal speed ship mode, consisting only by clicking 2 yellow jump ring inside a gravity portals, then followed by a fairly hard cube mode. The next game mode is a moderate wave mode, then the speed changes into slow as the player can see TrusTa's name. The speed changes back into normal.

Rob Buck: The next part is a very brief auto cube segment, then a ship sequence which involves straight flying. Next, the player enters a hard cube segment.

ASonicMen: This is a hard UFO segment, which requires precise timing. Afterwards, the player enters a ship segment in anti-gravity, which is an another straight flying segment. Then, the player enters a second UFO segment which consists of numerous gravity and size changes.

RealSoulDash: This is a very hard wave segment, due to the crucial timings, saw-blades, and mashing. The color scheme turns into blue.

Rockstr99: This part is a ball segment which consists of perceptive memorization. In addition, this part is actually very similar to Viprin's part in Supersonic and the ball segment in Fake A Doom.

ComplexX: A hard but slow mini ship segment, there is a Lenny face in the beginning of ComplexX's part. There are also some sudden speed changes. Then followed by a wave mode. Then followed by a UFO mode, there are no sudden speed changes in this part.

Megaman: The mirror changes, the color scheme turns into darker gray. Here, there is a moderately hard ship sequence due to numerous fakes. The speed changes into triple, then followed by a dual ship sequence. This is then followed by a very hard segment consist of timings, and yellow jump rings, the color scheme in this part is red.

Oculus: A very hard wave sequence consisting of dual mode and gravity. Then Oculus' name can be seen before the wave mode ends.

Giron: This part is very similar to Loogiah's part in The Ultimate Phase. This part is a very hard ship sequence with some yellow jump rings, straight flying, and random gravity changes can be seen. The speed turns into slow, followed by Giron's name.

Randomus: This is a tight wave segment, consisting of many speed and size portals.

The last part is a ship sequence, as the player is greeted by a 'GG'. WARNING!!!: There is an invisible blockage in the end of the level, so the player must go UP or else he/she will crash at a very frustrating 98%. Then, the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • Just like The Ultimate Phase, each part has a different color scheme:
    • TrusTa: Darker Cyan
    • Rob Buck: Purple/Violet
    • ASonicMen: Magenta
    • RealSoulDash: Blue
    • Rockstr99: Violet
    • ComplexX: Darker Cyan
    • Megaman: Gray, then followed by Red.
    • Oculus: Green
    • Giron: Black and Red.
    • Randomus: Aquamarine. The end is a black and blue color.
  • Megaman's part is the only part that has a direction change.
    • In addition, his part was NOT actually built by him.
  • This is Giron's only mega-collaboration ever made.
  • This is the first level in the “Spectrum” series. The sequel to this level is called Ultraviolet and the third level is Gammaray.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Infrared -DEMON- - By- GironDavid (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - Infrared -DEMON- - By- GironDavid (On Stream)

Credits to Riot.