Insomnia (Glittershroom)
Level Information
Creator Glittershroom
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 3332936
Song Mr. Fijiwi - Insomnia Remix
Composer F-777

Insomnia is a 1.9 Easy Demon created by Glittershroom. The level uses just 6,200 objects, somewhat lacking decorations. The main colors are blue and red and the layout of the level is most likely inspired from Theory Of Everything 2. This is sometimes counted as the easiest demon ever. Even if it presents some annoying bugs in the cube parts and requires crucial timing in some ball parts. Because of this, it can be defined as a very easy demon. Glittershroom said he created this level for the beginners who want to beat their first Demon.


The level starts with a auto cube section with the acronym "GLHF" (Good luck and have fun). The song starts and the level starts with an easy half speed ball that needs discreet timing, with fake thorns, spikes and rings. Next, the player enters a mini wave segment that features tight spaces but that can be easily cleared due to the half speed. Then, the player enters a somewhat buggy easy cube section with gears and clusters of useful and useless rings. The cube becomes auto and goes in auto mode except for a jump on a yellow ring. The drop starts and the speed becomes double. It starts an easy UFO with spikes willed to oblique rows. Then appears a wave with medium spaces and gears that needs basic mashing. The wave becomes an anti-gravity ship sequence with a straight flight between thorns. Then appears a triple speed ball that is harder than the rest of the level because of many fake blocks that can throw off the player, crucial timing and a couple of bugs. The wave returns and it's easier, with double paths, invisible spikes and traps. The next mini ship is somewhat easy, having to fly between invisible sawblades. Then, the player enters a UFO segment and the speed declines to half. This path is easier than the previous one due to visible hazards, too. The speed returns double and a cube path similar to the first one appears. Subsequently, the player goes to a second maze ball segment, but slower. Then, the levels ends with a ship sequence that features 1.6 sawblades and the name of Glittershroom (Mushroom).


  • There is a V2 version of the level made by Nox, which is a medium demon.
  • It is one influential as many players started to create demon levels just for beginners similar to this one, including Colornova, Color Rage, and many more other demon levels.
  • It has a sequel which is by the same creator, called Insomnia II, which is also an easy demon.


Geometry Dash -1

Geometry Dash -1.9- (Demon) - Insomnia by Glittershroom

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles.