Invaderz AH 2
Invaderz 2
Level Information
Creator Seth4564TI
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 9826953
Song Final Battle
Composer Waterflame

Invaderz AH 2 is a 1.9 level made by Seth4564TI & GdOtakuMan that arrived on July 22nd, 2015.


It's theme is that the "Invaderz" have still been invading the world, and you must try again by avoiding being killed by the Invaderz. The level, much like the first one, is most of the time dark and sometimes difficult to see, with several traps and invasion-like decor. It is much shorter than the prequel.


  • There is a prequel: Invaderz AH.
  • It is the second sequel of a level made by Seth, first being Rumor of Everything 2.


Geometry Dash- Invaderz Ah 2 Sneak Peek 300:31

Geometry Dash- Invaderz Ah 2 Sneak Peek 3

Sneak Peek

Geometry Dash- Invaderz AH 2 Gameplay01:47

Geometry Dash- Invaderz AH 2 Gameplay


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